Professional court and extra-judicial mediations

In January 2017 Ms. Beata Jankowska joined the KendziorekLegal team.

Beata is a professional mediator, possessing strong negotiating skills and knowledge of techniques of affecting people, in particular to reach a compromise that satisfies all parties to the dispute or potential dispute. 

If you have any problem, which can be solved by any kind of a settlement – don’t hasitate and contact us, we will find an appropriate solution.

Read about my professional experience

I’m providing professional legal services since year 2000 – until February 2016 as a partner in Firma Prawnicza Kot&Kendziorek and currently as an independent lawyer.

Among the strongest values I see the ability to establish direct relationships with a customer, understanding the essence of the business and particular projects, and thus adjust the recommended legal tools to the business requirements, ensuring their simplicity and comprehensibility for the customer.

I believe, that that there are no difficult legal problems but only those we do not understand – this is the key to success, therefore I always pay attention to understanding the client’s needs, the core of the problems encountered by him.

Providing legal services since 2000 I  gained strong experience in the IT / telecommunications, radio communication and broadcasting, industrial automation, tourism and hotel management, property insurance, banking, media and communication, heavy industry, health care, as well as with regard to support to public administration bodies and companies operating in the area of public procurement.

I had the pleasure to support many large projects such as:

  • Broadband for Pomorskie
  • Malopolska Broadband Network
  • Broadband for Lubuskie
  • Acquisition of TP EmiTel by Montagu Funds in 2011 (1,7 bln PLN +)
  • Acquisition of EmiTel by Alinda Capital Partners LLC in 2014 (value of the transaction estimated by the market was 3 bln PLN +. The actual equity value will not be disclosed to the public)

In cooperation with Orange Polska Group I have contributed to intensify activities in the field of preventing frauds in the field of technical infrastructure, also  took part in several pioneering projects for the construction of public technical infrastructure for the broadband networks, implemented with the use of European Funds, including cooperation between the public sector and private entrepreneurs.

Currently I’m holding a position of Chief Legal Officer (General Counsel) of EmiTel Group in Poland.

Read about my areas of practice

In my work, as a qualified lawyer – legal advisor I support large companies operating in the telecommunications and broadcasting market, being also responsible for ensuring corporate governance in the companies owned by international investment funds, as well as directly support the business projects developed by my Clients.

Main areas of my practice include:

Privacy Law
Employment Law
Intellectual Property
Mergers & Acquisitions
Corporate Governance
IT law
Corporate Law
Regulatory and Competition Law
Contract Negotiation & Contract Law
Due Diligence